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Ms. Polanco started competing in April of 2005 by entering the Fame Fitness Modeling April 9th, in Boston, MA after just completing surgery 3 months earlier on both pinky toes; still in pain wearing 3-inch high heels. She took home third place only having had 4 weeks of training prior to the competition. She enjoyed competing and being on stage, but decided to challenge herself even more by entering her first Figure competition in May of 2005. She took first place and earned Pro Status.

   Qualifying for her Figure and Fitness Pro card in various different organizations since 2005, she is now an IFBB Athlete! The biggest and most prestigious body building and fitness organization ever! 

   Entering her first figure competition in the INBF in May 14, 2005, Yenny got first place in the short division, earning her WNBF Pro card . Since 2005 she has competed in Ms. Fitness World, Fame/WNSO, IFPA, and in  Figure and Fitness America Pageant.

   Winning titles such as the 2009  NPC Team Universe Fitness Championships,  which earned Yenny the most desirable IFBB Pro Status! A dream come true! 2008 Figure America Champion, 2009 IFPA Va State Champion, and 2008 Ms. Fit Body Champion. 

   Figure is a softer version of bodybuilding. You are judged on your muscularity, physical condition,  symmetry, overall body balance, stage presentation and facial beauty. The athletes are lined up for comparisons, and do a series of 1/4 turns. 

  Yenny won her first Nationals and International Championship on November of 2008 in the Figure America organization. She was very excited to have done so well in 2008 despite obstacles and adversities, which she had to overcome. Taking first runner up in the IFPA twice within 3 weeks apart! Winning the INBF first 'MS. FIT BODY' contest only 2 weeks later! And then winning Figure America  International Championships in Las Vegas only 3 days after her IFPA Triumph! It was  a year to remember and for Yenny Polanco  to be reassured that she is on the right path, which is close to her heart, and it's what she loves to be doing. '

'Being her best and trying her hardest!'  Is what Yenny is all about. 

   Yenny stays very lean all year round.  Staying fit and healthy for her is a lifestyle choice and not a seasonal workout regimen. She maintains herself in tip top shape by cooking her own Yenny-Licious mini meals! Lean enough for Fitness Professionals, but tasty enough for everyone else!TM .Yenny-licious mini meals are quick and easy meals cooked under 10 minutes and complete of nutrients, which your body needs.

In 2005 Yenny decided to challenge herself even more by entering her first fitness competition in August of 2005. Yenny ended up qualifying for Ms. Fitness World! Televised on Fox Sports.

Yenny represented her birth country, the Dominican Republic. Yenny choreographed her own routine for Ms. Fitness World 2006 and 2007. She is proud to have made it this far. "I am determined in attaining my goals. That is what it's all about." Says Yenny.

I work with what God gave me and i try to make the best of it NATURALLY as he intended!

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Get to know more on Yenny and her Fitness career, competition photos and bio please visit: www.myspace.com/ladydynamite

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